Ready to Rule Again

One of the popular artists from the early dancehall era is the hardworking Clement Irie aka Clement Barnes whose number 1 hit, "Bun and Cheese," sold gold in Europe and made him a household name over there. The talented singer/songwriter enjoyed the sweet taste of success overseas before going into a self-imposed hiatus after the music changed in teh early nineties from cultural, uplifting lyrics to gun touting and vulgar lyrics

Clement Irie relocated from Jamaica to Florida and remained low key for a while. Over the past two years he has been working behind the scenes, steadily building his return program which includes a brand new CD titled RULE AGAIN and he is rehearsing a new show band, The Irie Band. He has released two singles from the album, "Hurt My Feelings" and "Only Love." The response to date has been exteremely positive. He says, "I am ready to take control of my career again now that I have completed my return album. I am also preparing to hit the road, starting withmy album launch this summer."

Clement Irie is an artist who commands attention the moment he its the stage: once he starts performing he excites the crowd, delivering uplifting and reality messages. He was born in Barbican, St. Andrew, Jamaica and started performing from school days. After leaving school he bounced around different studios until he made his first recording, "Magnificent," which gave him a little exposure. He then went to the Waterhouse area where he linked up with the likes of Shabba Ranks and Admiral Bailey as stable mates and resident DJs for the popluar sound systems, Roots Melody and Rambo Mango. He recalls, "At that time Brigadier Jerry was my idol but I was doing my own thing, which led to recording my first hit song "Come Follow Me." It was followed by another chart topping release, "Kolo Kolo." Working with leading producers such as Red Man, Bobby Digital and Robert French, he went on to record the golden "Bun and Cheese."

Now the RULE AGAIN CD, fillwed with reality lyrics, promises to recapture the musical flavor and success Clement Irie enjoyed earlier in his career. So play on, he is ready to "Rule Again."

C. Danny Breakenridge